Therason Miltoast

Halfling rogue, blinded by a Dragon.


STR 14
DEX 20
CON 16
INT 13
WIS 14
CHA 16

AC 16
PD 16
MD 13

HP 33

Courtly Duties 3
Rambunctiousness 2
Appreciation of the Finer Things 2
Infiltration 1

Class Features/Racial Power
Racial: Small. +2 AC to opportunity attacks. (p70)
Class: Momentum: Keep the flow.
Trap Sense: Can trigger a trap re-roll.
Sneak Attack: 1d4 bonus melee dmg once per round to Engaged enemies. (p127)

Sneak Attack: Can sneak attack first round against any target with lower initiative. (p127)

Shadow Walk: Sneaky method to disappear and pounce from the shadows. (p128)
Swashbuckle: Uses up momentum to pull off crazy bad-assery. (p128)
Tumble: +5 to all disengage checks, and can maneuver past enemies. (p129)

Evasive: Once per battle, make an enemy re-roll attack at -2 penalty. (p70)
Evasive Strike: At will, success results in “popping free” of enemy. (p129)
Deadly Thrust: At will, bonus dmg to non-mook enemies below half health. (p129)
Roll With It: One per round at will, uses up momentum to shrug off half damage. (p129)
Tumbling Strike: At will, +5 to disengages, and can attack and disengage in same move. (p129)


Therason Miltoast

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